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How It Works

How It Works

You can assign tasks to a professional here and also book for a service without leaving your computer.

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Have a fresh experience in sourcing for professionals on the go on your smart phone.

Why Choose Wefixam?

At Wefixam, we don’t share profit with you, whatever proceeds you make from any client or employer belongs to you. We only connect you to unlimited potential customers.

What we Offer You

Wefixam is designed to make the life of an Artisan easy and fun.
With rich user dashboard, you can design and manage your details using our innovative tools.

Access to Premium Clients

Create stunning profiles, plus service listings that will attract the right customers

Wider Market

Operate beyond your circle. Have access to wider market and potential customers

Free Registration

What more, wefixam gives you access to full functional dashboard, with options to setup your profiles for free.

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Register as an Employer and start creating jobs, by hiring qualified and skilled artisan to handle your projects.